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With a full, healthy lawn that requires less maintenance, the chicken won't be the only one smiling.

The most important element of a healthy lawn is the soil. Healthy Grow® Pro feeds the soil with the essential nutrients needed to grow healthy turf while also adding valuable organic material. The result is a full, natural and lush lawn that requires less watering and maintenance, giving you and your customers something to smile about. Plus, Healthy Grow Pro is environmentally friendly, so the earth can smile along with you.

Healthy Grow Pro is also ideal for new construction and renovation. By releasing nutrients just as the seedlings are emerging, all of the nutrients are available to the plants when they need it the most, providing exceptional grow-in. As nature's natural timed-release fertilizer, Healthy Grow Pro is as economical as it is effective. In addition to requiring less watering, it also provides exceptional color and disease resistance without the flush growth, reducing the frequency of mowing required and saving you money in labor costs.

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Many variables affect your customers' soil profiles and the plants that grow out of them, including geographical location and climate. Healthy Grow Pro is available in a variety of formulations to suit the specific needs of each unique job.

Custom Blends

Every environment is different, so Healthy Grow Pro offers the opportunity to create your very own customized blend. With an organic solution suited to your specific needs, your turf has the ultimate opportunity to thrive.

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