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With Healthy Grow® Pro, creating the ultimate playing surface comes naturally.

Healthy Grow® Pro is an organic-based fertilizer that helps create a healthier growing environment by naturally stimulating microbial activity within the soil; enhancing water holding capacity; and promoting natural tolerance to stress, pests and disease. That’s why some of the finest golf courses in the country trust Healthy Grow Pro as part of their overall nutrition programs.

Healthy Grow Pro's natural release of nutrients coincides with most turf seed germination periods, making it ideal for new construction and renovation. But Healthy Grow Pro does more than make your turf easy on the eyes, it helps make caring for your turf easy the on the wallet, too. As nature's natural timed-release fertilizer, Healthy Grow Pro helps attain beautiful, disease-resistant grass without the flush growth, reducing the frequency of mowing required and saving you money.

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Every area of your course has unique nutritional needs. Healthy Grow Pro is available in a variety of formulations and SGN sizes to help you achieve world-class playing surfaces throughout your entire course.

Custom Blends

Every environment is different, so Healthy Grow Pro offers the opportunity to create your very own customized blend. With an organic solution suited to your specific needs, your turf has the ultimate opportunity to thrive.

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Want more information about Healthy Grow? With just the click of a button, you can gain access to our library of product info sheets, application tips, labels, MSDS and supporting research.

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Look what people are saying about Healthy Grow Pro

With proven results on some of the finest golf courses in the nation, it's no wonder why some of the industry's most knowledgeable superintendents can't stop talking about Healthy Grow Pro.

Shawn from Oklahoma said:

Around here, we fight a lot of Spring Dead Spot. We’ve been using Healthy Grow Pro for five years, and we’re so much better than we used to be.

Carter from Texas said:

I think Healthy Grow Pro is the best because I’ve seen the results first hand. It’s always clean when it gets here. I’ve never had any burn problems.

Curtis from Illinois said:

The production quality is unmatched. The product consistency is always 100% and the result is very reliable. The product that we get across the season is something that we can count on and provides a surface that our members enjoy.