How It's Made

Aerobically Composted For The Highest Quality

Healthy Grow® Professional products are born from years of testing, evaluation, improvement and refinement. Every bag of  Healthy Grow starts simply – with a chicken. The chickens we house at Pearl Valley Farms provide the eggs we sell under our Pearl Valley Eggs division, while the waste they produce is the main ingredient in our organic composted fertilizer.

We start with chicken litter from healthy, egg-laying chickens fed a calcium-rich diet. This litter is mixed with organic materials and left to air-dry and break down in our indoor composting facility. Our compost is regularly, and carefully, turned during the aerobic composting process to ensure complete aeration, a vital aspect behind promoting microbial growth. Once the composting process has been completed, we test and bag the finished product. Because we believe so much in the quality and effectiveness of Healthy Grow, we ensure that every bag of fertilizer we sell is of the utmost quality.